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Cinnamon Carter

“That Old Nostalgic Feeling” – Not Always

Brady Bunch

We all know the sayings “Everything old is new again” and “What goes around comes around.”  Some people believe in fate, karma, or proactively affecting what happens.  However, we notice when we reach an age enabling us to reflect on our life experiences, that there are cycle patterns in many areas of our lives.  Some of us yearn for “the good old days” which may or may not have been so good.  Some of the past should stay in the past.  Here’s an example: If you watch reruns of “Bewitched,” “The Brady Bunch,” or “Eight is Enough” you will observe excellent examples of “mid-century modern” furniture and decorating style (the hot vintage trend right now) and families who could solve any problem that came their way.  Today, we seem to only see families on television that have no solutions to their problems.  All the furniture, wall decoration and appointments you changed out and sold at a garage sale, gave away, or put out on the curb, is now considered “in” and commanding, on some items more than they probably cost new.  Dealers pick things up off the curb for nothing and sell them at “authentic” prices.  However, in my opinion, there are some trends that should just stay in memory (or maybe not).  There are patterns, shapes, textures, materials, and color combinations for lighting, wall décor, furniture, decorative décor, flooring (remember those shag rugs who had to rake?) that were visually offensive then and are offensive (i.e. ugly) now.

Vintage clothing is hot right now from the 1970s and 1980s.  If you have difficulty giving up your possessions, you might still have those original chain belts, type-dye shirts and dresses, macramé vests, Nehru jackets, and loads of polyester you wore in junior high (yes, junior high before it became middle school).  Remember fishnet stockings and go-go boots?  How about head bands and leg warmers.  Leg warmers are for daily wear now and not exercising.  You may want to keep those macramé vests and Nehru jackets where they are.  And who can forget MacGyver’s mullet hair style? (Richard Dean Anderson that is, not the new guy).

Of course, as we have made “progress” there are fond memories of “Remember when?”

Remember when:

  • You could get an egg cream (?) at the counter of the corner drugstore? When corner drugstores existed.
  • When a malted had real malt in it?
  • Commercials were truly 60 seconds and came only one at a time during a program break?
  • “Social media” referred to cocktail parties, speaking to a real person on the phone, and looking in the eyes of a person when having a conversation?
  • Families sat down together to eat dinner?
  • News had integrity and people like Walter Cronkite as true investigative reporters who checked their facts before reporting and wrote their own stories?
  • Friends were people you knew well, got together with, and did things together like go to the movies, a restaurant, or shopping? People could count good friends on their hands, not hundreds on Facebook.
  • People didn’t have a need to Instagram their breakfast, lunch or dinner?

So what have we learned?  Everything old is new again, and again, and again (not necessarily a good thing).  What goes around comes around.  Remember when things were different and easier?  What’s in, what’s out?

What do you think?

Cinnamon Carter

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