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Cinnamon Carter

Chronicles of an African Baby: Coming Nov. 1

Read the exclusive interview of the author of her eye opening new series "Chronicles of an African Baby".
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I had the pleasure and opportunity to be granted an exclusive interview with Frankie Hirsch, author of Chronicles of an African Baby prior to the imminent launching of her latest work.  The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Carter: Could you give us a very brief overview of the Chronicles without giving away any spoilers?

Hirsch: The Chronicles is a fictional story that takes place in the present but relies heavily on the past.  The actual “present” occurs over a two hour period, bookended by the Prologue and Epilogue.  The central character, can be thought to represent all women globally, but in particular African women who have risen above the brutality of their cultures.


          Carter: It sounds a bit complicated and confusing.

          Hirsch: Believe me, it’s not.  It’s actually very easy to follow.


Carter: Could you tell us about the type of research you did for this project?

Hirsch: Through unforeseen circumstances, I was given the opportunity to interview several women from different African states and to hear their life stories first hand.  I observed how their lives affected them, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.  The central character is an amalgamation of all these women.


Carter: How do you feel readers will react to the Chronicles?

Hirsch: I can tell you that when my editors were given the transcripts, I heard comments such as “I couldn’t put it down,” “I need to know what happens next,” or “I shake when I just talk about it.”  However, the most rewarding aspect for me was the astonishment by my editors that such situations existed.  No one is even aware of the plights of these women.  The purpose of the Chronicles is to raise that awareness and make it real so that these conditions can be fought and overcome.  A whole area of the world exists that Americans know nothing about.  My goal is to raise awareness and create a voice that the world will hear.


          Carter: That sounds like a very lofty goal.

          Hirsch: It is, but one has to start somewhere.  I certainly was naïve a few years ago.  That’s why I choose to launch my work exclusively with Africa Connect Online.  Because of their mission statement and goals for Africans.


Carter: Can you explain the strategy for the staggered release to our readers?

Hirsch: Absolutely. The Chronicles will be released in a series of postings.  It will allow readers the time to think about and reflect on what they have read.


Carter:  Thank you Frankie for your time and exclusive.  It has been a pleasure.

Hirsch:  Likewise, CC. I hope everyone will be able to read the Chronicles coming out on Africa Connect Online on November 1st.
Cinnamon Carter