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World News

West African Leaders: Terrorism is the Singular Challenge

Why terrorism must stop to have global peace and development

World News

Namibian President Vows to Lift Nation's People Out of Poverty

Last year UN Member States committed to the agenda for Sustainable Development to “join the global drive towards ensuring a life of...

World News

John Dramani Mahama Addresses UN

President of Ghana, Addresses United Nations General Assembly's 71st Session

World News

President Obama Addresses the UN General Assembly

This morning President Obama gave his final speech before the UN General Assembly.  The President spoke about some of his...

World News

Gateway to Space: The Exhibition is being shipped!

May 2016, Johannesburg – Gateway to Space: The Exhibition. The first 10 containers of the biggest exhibition to hit South Africa –...

World News

“Nobody Left Outside” Campaign Launched by UN

The United States has had a long history of refugees and immigrants even before there was a United States of America. It’s a history...

World News

First Guidelines for Treating Female Genital Mutilation Victims

The World Health Organization Geneva (WHO) on Monday released it’s first-ever guidelines on how medical professionals should treat...

World News

Somalian Sets Herself on Fire at Nauru Detention

Somali born Hodan Yasin died after setting herself on fire at Nauru detention

World News

Donald Trump's Comments on Africa and My Reaction

Donald Trump has allegedly been speaking about Africa and Africans in unflattering terms. While the website Snopes has been unable to...

World News

Obama at the UNGA for the World Body

This morning, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, delivered his penultimate address to the United Nations...

World News

Pope Francis Addresses the UN

On a clear and sunny New York City morning, a motorcade rolls down First Avenue and approaches the United Nations Headquarters. In the...

World News

Special Olympics 2015

AfricaConnect Online Presents the Special Olympics 2015

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