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Should We Be Questioning the Tried and True of the Red, White and Blue?

America, once emancipated from England, believed in isolationism, wanting no permanent alliance with any foreign country.  At the time,...

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“That Old Nostalgic Feeling” – Not Always

We all know the sayings “Everything old is new again” and “What goes around comes around.”  Some people believe in fate, karma,...

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The “Vogue” of Patriotism?

It seemed appropriate to talk about the “vogue-ness” of patriotism on this 15th anniversary of 9/11.  We all remember where we were...

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Should We Be Looking for Encounters of a Third Kind?

Yes, we are talking about “aliens,” but not the type that probably came to your mind.  We have already experienced a leader who used...

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Is Immigration the Real Issue?

Is Immigration the Real Issue or Our Ineptness as a Country?

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A Presidential Candidate Predicted 20 Years Ago

Was the rise of one of our presidential candidates predicted 20 years ago?

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A Future When We Keep Reverting to the Past

How can we even think about a future when we keep reverting to the past?

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Tupperware: A Not So Trivial Pursuit

Some of you may find this piece rather trivial in the big scheme of things.  However, it is not trivial.  It reflects the status of...

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“Resistance is Futile” – Are We Becoming One With the Borg?

Those of you familiar with the Star Trek franchise know that the Borg are a race that kidnap members of other races, forcing them into...

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The “Real” Factors Driving the Republican Presidential Campaign

Watching the presidential conventions and the news, it seems like the world has gone quite mad.  At the Republican convention, the most...

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Frontier Law: Back to the Future, Again

The Westward Movement in America as colonists fanned out from the coastal settlements saw the establishment of homesteads and the...

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Town Names: Legend & Lore

Is a rose by any other name, still a rose?

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