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A Universal New Year's Resolution

To relentlessly do our part to make globally “sleep in heavenly peace” possible

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An Insidious Aspect Skewing Unemployment Statistics

Most of us have heard that our economic recovery is misleading because statistics showing lower rates of unemployment are partly due to...

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Online Social Networks: Dangerous for Your Health?

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of sciences, appears to suggest that people who receive many friend...

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Point of Origin: Fall Back, Spring Ahead

Every year the time jumps forward on the second Sunday of March and the time falls back the first Sunday in November (although it was...

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What Does "Awesome" Really Mean?

Most of us hear the buzz word “awesome” used  hundreds of times a day to describe just about anything that we see, hear, do, or...

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Giving Thanks

The real holiday season (not the advertising version) is now approaching.  Holidays mean different things to people.  For some, it may...

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

I had the opportunity to start a conversation with a complete stranger, a well-spoken gentlemen originally from Jamaica.  Although it is...

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Changing Our Habits is Life or Death

Most of us are so accustomed to our daily routines that we can arrive at work without knowing how we got there, make breakfast(s) and...

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Following the Political Headlines: Do We Really Know What's Happening?

Political bumper stickers are highly typical during a presidential election.  It used to be a cheap and easy way to show support for a...

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Should the Public be Able to Vote on Self-driving Cars?

Personally, self-driving cars scare me.  Especially when hackers could gain control of the car you are in (and we all know they can...

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Days of Wine and Roses…Not! The Headlines Say it All

GPO LEADERS UNNERVED BY TRUMP TIRADES Erratic attacks on Latina beauty queen Newly embarrassed by impulsive behavior Exasperated by...

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Watching Trump Could be Hazardous to Your Children’s Health

Hazard #1: Gaining Weight. Trump calls a former Miss Universe “Miss Piggy.” Trump defends his actions by stating: “When you win a...

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