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Eating Healthy - the "skinny" on Processed Foods

Almost all nutritional advice we read or hear about tell us to avoid processed food and only select “fresh” items for our shopping...

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Going to the Dogs

According to a new report from the New York based Conference Board, the aging of the baby boom generation and the baby bust that began...

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Genetics Ethics

What if we could prevent congenital diseases?  What if we could create permanent, heritable, cosmetic enhancement changes in humans? ...

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Drawn to the Light

In 1790, George Washington, our Founding Father, sent a letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Rhode Island:May the children of the stock...

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Conspiracy Theory

The new normal is not normal.  At least not for a democracy.  That is what America is supposed to be.  But conspiracy thinking has...

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Beware of the Sounds of Silence

Executive orders and presidential directives.  Many somebodies are needed to implement these actions.  But some asked to comply have not...

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Where are the Walter Cronkite’s of today?

Where is the integrity, trustworthiness, discretion, but most of all the “truth?”

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Are Shows Adding to Already Anxious Viewers?

Shows such as 24: Legacy and Homeland may be skewing reality

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The “Ferguson Effect”- Myth or Reality?

An indepth look into police brutality

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Why Does the US Allow Drug Manufacturers to Set Their Own Prices?

The US supposedly believes in a competitive marketplace. So why does the US not have what almost every other developed nation has?

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In the Shadows of Your Mind

Unclutter your home, unclutter your mind
According to a study by UCLA, women who live in cluttered environments are more likely to...

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Leave Your Troubles at the Door... and Your Shoes as Well

The Grossest Facts (and I don’t mean the profitable kind): E.coli and 7 other kinds of bacteria, including Klebsiella pneumoniae can...

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