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The World’s Need to Continue Legacies of Kindness

It has been 20 years since the tragic death of Princess Diana.  Her two sons have carried on her passion for giving and kept alive her...

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Everything Old is New Again

Go to the attic, find that old record player, and dust off those albums!  Vinyl is making a comeback!    Sony Music stopped producing...

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Being Happy – A Matter of Habit and Perspective

So why do some people always seem happier than others?  You have probably heard the expression “Make lemonade out of lemons.”  But...

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Legitimately Black?

When is an individual to be considered ‘legitimately’ black?  Or, when does an individual feel ‘black enough’ to identify...

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The Importance of Truly Communicating

Real communication is vital.  Doctors can talk in terms that leave us confused and terrified.  So why don’t we ask the needed...

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Can a Divided Nation be United by Science?

Science: Publicly presenting facts and reasoning Subjecting ideas to rigorous criticism Many rounds of testing to confirm or overturn...

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Knowing the Future

Many of us would love to know what lottery numbers to play or whom to bet on for the Super Bowl.  But do we want information on our date...

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Why are Muslims being singled out?

The early 19th and 20th centuries saw Irish Catholics victimized for adhering to an “un-American religion” and for supporting...

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Kindness of Presidents

Abraham Lincoln set the standard. He was the exemplar of balance between strength and compassion.  Rarely did he fail to apply moral...

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What the Bible tells Us

Both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are clear and consistent about immigration.  Across the books of both testaments, in...

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So, Who Broke the News?

Remember when news first started “breaking?”  It happened when people started paying attention more to their social media devices...

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Tech Gender Gap

While we are aware of the gender problem in the technology industry, how can we move from awareness to change?  One idea is to take the...

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