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The End of an Era: Kiddie Cathedrals

Toys R Us will soon shutter its doors forever. The last of the big toy stores where children could wander the isles in amazement at the...

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Will Technology Eventually Take Over Your Life?

Even more than it has already.

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Why Our Lives are Shorter Than Those in Other Wealthy Nations

Up until 1979, we could expect to live approximately 1.5 years longer than a resident of one of a group of 35 wealthy, predominantly...

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Should Trained Teachers Carry Guns?

After Columbine, when the massacre was fresh in the country’s memory, the public cried out for better gun control.  Then the memory...

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Has Privacy Become an Obsolete Institution?

Is the government justified in obtaining 127 days of cellphone tower information, without a search warrant, that allowed them to place a...

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Move Over California Psychics!

Oh, woe is me is no more.  Now it’s Woebot.  Imagine a chatbot that establishes a therapeutic relationship with you.  That wants to...

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Midlife Crisis? So when is it?

“I’m having a midlife crisis.” “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.” “Middle age is a question not of math but of...

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How Long Will “My Heart Go On?”

Do you still pretend in the shower that you’re standing with Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow of the Titanic, shouting ‘I own the...

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The Sky Isn’t the Limit: Airplane Etiquette

Let's take an airplane etiquette IQ test

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So Why am I Still Not Losing Weight? The Reasons We Overeat

We live in an environment where we are always surrounded by food and our brains always bombarded to eat it.  We are flooded with food...

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Should Pharmaceutical Developers and Doctors be Able to Track Patients?

The Digital Pill

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Does Social Media Contribute as a Factor in Teen Suicide?

An analysis of teen suicides between 2010 and 2015 showed an increase in suicide rates at the same time that use of social media...

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